Types of Samurai Swords

A samurai sword which is also called katana is a great and one of the most famous swords. In the back dates or in ancient times tradition every male individual were dependent on the blade to fight back his life as well as ones honor. Historically katana was made the tradition of the Japanese swords. These were the kind of swords practiced by the samurai of early and the feudal Japan. The samurai or the katana is designed skillfully and thus its appearance is like an arched, single-edged sword having a rounded or shaped as square guard and has a long hold to adjust with both hands easily.

History of this sword was completely unique. This sword was not first regarded as sword for fight and thus it was first taken by a child in a ceremony known as Mamori-Gatana. After that children of 5 years started taking this in Japan. However, at the age of 13 a boy child took a sword with sharp edge and became the first Samurai and after that it was taken as the best and the perfect sword that can easily used by the Samurais.

What are the features?

The katana, usually demarcated as the normal sized, abstemiously curved Japanese sword having a blade which lengthens more than sixty centimeters. The samurai or the katana was tattered by the sharp cut which was single edged up. It is said by the western historians that katana is known as one of the finest slashing weapons of the world in the history of military. One more accurate thing that makes it extraordinary that is its grip. Normally swords are made to have a good grip for a single handhowever;the grip in Samurai sword is perfect for holding it with both the hands in a proper way.

Three magic mantras are used when the sword is crafted. The sword without having brake, bend and having fully sharped edge or razor sharp made this unique.

The features made the weapon so unique that Samurais did not go anywhere without this. Moreover, it was completely perfect to protect them. It means this sword enhances their believe system.

Different types of Samurai Swords

Tachi– It is type of sword which is long and curved in shape. It was mostly used in late 15th century. This sword is famous for their curved blade handle along with having different edge down design. Later this sword was known for its different styles of blades which make it different from other swords. It is mostly used for cutting down the foot soldiers of the enemy.


Daisho– This term is used to state set of swords which is designed to be worn in pair. These swords are of two type’s long and short sword. Long sword was used in 17th century having long blade that is used for pairing. Short sword which is small in size and used as side arm weapon. They are not used as weapons of war but used as the symbols in office and station.


Wakizashi Sword– It is one of the traditional swords which is having shoto blade. This sword is smaller than katana. This sword is worn together with katana by samurai. This sword was used as backup weapon which is used as the main tool to defeat enemies. This sword is to be worn all the time and therefore is it called as side arm for samurai. They worn this sword, when they awake till the time they went to sleep. They kept this weapon under their pillow especially when they sleep.

Thus these are the different types of katana which was used by earlier people in battle field. Apart from that, you will also come across with different kinds of blades used in the katana.

Why Japanese soldiers depend mostly on Samurai Swords?

The Japanese soldiers mostly depend on the katana or the samurai sword as it is one of the most trustworthy in the field of military and helps to slay off the opponent easily in the battlefield. Its beautiful outline has an embalmed meaning and then it is used as a weapon from great historical times.

This sword is also known as an excellent Cut-off Sword, because it is long and perfect one to cut. So, this is completely used to kill a person. Now, it is very important to learn this art before they use this sword. Today they are mostly used as showpiece or used by the trainers to impart training regarding master art.

What is the exact technique?

Learning sword properly is very essential for one to face the experts in the battle field. It is somehow essential to use the technique that is completely suitable for the warrior to face and reply properly to their enemy. Only the trainers can easily trained people with this art. The technique depends on how to wave properly and how to hold for an exact grip to give force on the sword. The prime aim of using this technique is how to cut down.

How people purchase swords today?



Undoubtedly, people purchase various types of swords in this date, and purchasing numbers of samurai swords are many. Now, where people go to get these swords? Mostly people go to the stores to purchase the swords either for a weapon for their safety point of view or purchase to make a show piece.

Along with offline purchasing a lot of people purchase this through online at a reasonable rate like KatanaSale.com. When one can easily get a reliable online store for this sword, then he will surely get the exact product for his requirement.

They must know length as well as weight of this sword to get confident that they are getting exact sword. All features are written in product description and more than that to enhance the confident level; one can easily go through all reviews of this product.

Now, it is clear that how samurai swords are unique and why people really like this till date.

Important Training Program For MMA Fighter

From the title of the sport it is understandable that it is combination of some different fighting arts. Basically it combines of boxing, punching, wrestling, kick-boxing etc. it is very much important to attend workout programs for a MMA fighter. Dearth of thesetraining programs he can’t acquire the acute techniques to succeed in his MMA career. There are several types of programs which make a fighter more adept in his career. My writing will serve you some important of them.

If you see you can easily observe that there exist two types of positions in the fighting: standing up and on the ground. Boxing programs help you to stand up after opponent enduring the stress and pressures and punishments. The program trains your body to stand up enduring various mental and physical punishments by your opponents. It also keeps you far from abortive activities which can lead you to give the game to the opponent’s hand. That means it not only gives you the fighting techniques but also develops not to lose your temper and keep your confidence high with guts.

Another important program is Brazilian Ju-Jitsu programs. In my previous statement I mentioned that there are two positions in the fighting. Brazilian Ju-Jitsu leads you to tackle or control your opponent when you are on ground. By acquiring program techniques correctly you can defend and avoid the tackles of your opponent more importantly you can learn to submit body-lock process to your opponent. It also teaches mount positions, leg and arm lock etc.

Strength and conditioning programs can make you also a good fighter. Naturally duration of MMA fighting varies in time because it is most likely to knockout round. But most often it ends between 15minutes to 25minutes. So the strength and condition program can increase the endurance by various specific exercises like weight lifting, sledge hammer circuits, different endurance exercises etc. I should say about conditioning repeatedly because the confidence, guts are the main key to success in MMA fighting. If you lose your temper and become violent then you are getting far from your success. Conditioning can be made by different ways like kettle bells, plyometrics, running.

Kettle bells are made of cast iron and unlike the other dumbbells. It contains semicircular shape weighs with 5 to 175 pounds. It is now become main instrument for the MMA fighters just because it leads you to get strength in your cardio and muscles. Another interesting thing in my opinion is plyometrics. It helps you to make your work speedy and faster and boost you up continuously. Different quick tasks like hanging speed bags, medicine balls, jumping over the barriers etc. can be a perfect example of plyometrics. Another simple but effective thing should be running. You have to run 5 to 10miles a day. Various MMA legends advised to climb and run up the hill tracks can increase your endurance. But remember in the day you work out must not run.

There is various weight training exercises programs like exercises for Shoulders, Triceps and Biceps, Chest, the Back, Abs, Hips, Legs. These all are important for MMA fighters. Again there are various bag methods which are also a necessary program for fighter. Bag method means using bags in the training. Heavy bags are built with sand or water weighs with 50 to 10 lbs. this bag can make your skill better by trial-error formula. That means by repetitions of the training you could get confidence and it develops your conditioning power as well as cardio system and core muscle strength. Double end bags also help fighter to give dodge to the opponent. Practitioners prepare to have techniques chasing with the moving opponent while bags get back to its position or move to another position. Speed bag also help to develop hand-eye coordination. It makes trainees how fast he hit the bag with accuracy.